Melbourne Cocoa crafts artisanal chocolate treats, gifts and experiences reflective of Melbourne in their flavour profile and their design edge.


Like making great wine or coffee (two other things Melbourne is known for doing very well), making artisanal chocolate requires care, thought, artistry and hard-earned skill. In France, Swizerland and Belgium, chocolatiers have been making world-renowned regionally representative chocolate for more than a century.


For context, most Australian chocolate businesses import their chocolate from overseas and melt it down to create new products. We’re different. We painstakingly select ethically produced cocoa and cocoa derivatives from around the world and blend them with Australian milk powders and sugar by hand, in Melbourne's outer east, to create completely unique blends.


Melbourne Cocoa sets out to define a flavour profile distinct to this part of the world. That is chocolate that tastes of chocolate - rich in cocoa and cocoa butter with a creamy, not milky, finish. This is achieved through sourcing the most ideal raw ingredients and using time-honed concheing and tempering techniques with extremely specialised equipment. The range is built upon our signature blends of Milk, Dark & White Chocolate.


Our packaging design uses the Melbourne CBD street-map as its key feature and all packaging materials are made from recycled or recyclable materials.